The "A Current Affair" footage

Two years ago I edited and presented the "A Current Affair" footage with my defense to show how everything in the video is a lie. I have all the documents to prove my counter claims and these documents are available to view.

Now, Imagine if this video was about you. “If it’s on A Current Affair then it must be true” is the general consensus of the public. It is impossible for me to do any business when the first thing you see on Google is Kyle Hodgetts scammer, supported by the ACA video calling me “Kyle the con, always one step ahead of the law”.

Before the show aired I sent A Current Affair an email stating that their claims were untrue and offered to sit down with them and provide the evidence to prove the show was based on lies. They declined the offer.

As a direct result of the actions of A Current Affair, Lisa Cuthbert and Gary Field, all of my technology and future prospects have been destroyed. If my name had not been totally destroyed, my technologies had the ability to generate billions of dollars for the Australian economy.

Below is a little bit about me and some of the products that have been destroyed.