by Kyle Hodgetts

In support of Supreme Court papers lodged


Queensland Supreme Court action filed 26th April 2017. Case number 4104/17

In 2014 A Current Affair did an article on Kyle Hodgetts. They were contacted by Lisa Cuthbert (because Kyle didn't fall for her cancer scam). In the article A Current Affair made outrageous accusations against Kyle that were later proven to be false.

Kyle has over 35 year’s history as a world leader in video game technology and will not tolerate having his good name tarnished by some lowlife scammers and A Current Affair. In April of this year Kyle commenced Australia’s largest defamation lawsuit ($2.4 billion dollars) against the Nine Network and others that defamed him.


Since starting the lawsuit:

1. Several offending websites have been shut down.
2. The "A Current Affair" video has been taken down.
3. One company entered into a confidential settlement with Kyle
4. Daniel Leverett was ordered to pay $30,000 in the Magistrates Court
5. Kyle obtained Judgment in the Supreme Court against Lisa Cuthbert
6. Lisa Cuthbert is in hiding from a police investigation into her cancer fraud

The defendants in the lawsuit have no defense for their actions. I will bankrupt the Nine Network, Gary Field, Lisa Cuthbert and clear my name.

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In the A Current Affair video are four main characters:

1. Gary Field being sued in the Supreme Court on a seperate matter. Landlord for 28 Commercial drive, Ashmore.
Unlawfully Lockes out tenants and steals their contents.
We have been contacted by previous tenants. Almost impossible to serve documents on him.

2. Daniel Leverett has since been charged in the WA Magistrates Court and fined $30,000
News link Solar company and director fined $30,000 over false claims

3. Lisa Cuthbert AKA Diane Brooker AKA Lisa Brooker operates multiple scam websites under fake names
scamsaustralia.com Website that claims to expose scammers then reccomends her own scams as legitimate
Under police investigation for scamming and defrauding Australian charities.
Falsely claims terminal cancer with 12 months to live in order obtain donations from the public.

4. Chris Allen Reporter for A Current Affair.
Knew the story was false but persisted in airing it.
Removed stolen property from 28 Commercial Drive.
Filmed and aired the items with full knowledge they were stolen.

A Current Affair got together a group of crooks, con artists and criminals that scammed Hodgetts, put them together in a TV show and claimed that Hodgetts scammed them. There was no substance behind their claims and it was obviously apparent by the end of filming that the allegations were not true but as they had already invested substantial funds producing the show they decided to air it anyway. It has to be pointed out that A Current Affair is a business that sells advertising and they did all this for advertising dollars.


Lisa Cuthbert AKA Diane Brooker

The instigator,(KNOWN SCAMMER) has friends at A Current Affair
Internet troll, scammer and Cancer fraud.
Her scamming websites have been shut down.
She is on the run with a Supreme Court judgment against her.

She scams people then tells them she is
terminally ill with Cancer with only 12 months
to live. She says this to avoid debts and creditors.
She will also ask for donations because she
claims she is the target of other scammers.

She will use the A Current Affair video to show others that she is the victim and will request donations.

An email received from the President of a reputable well known Australian Charity:


Mrs Cuthbert approached us in either late 2015/ early 2016 to help her with her personal financial problems as she was suffering from a supposedly terminal illness and mid last year advised that she only had between 12-18 months to live.
Whilst we have been engaged with her creditors, some of which have now written off her debts in full (due to her terminal illness), we have now become aware that many statements that Mrs Cuthbert has advised us, including her claim to only have 12 to 18 months to live has been a lie, as her family has now advised in writing that they were not even aware of this.

There have been many other issues concerning this women, however would like to hear from you, especially considering the statements you have advised publicly about this women, in particularly your claim about this women using similar claims of cancer and your belief that this women had defrauded yourself and others. I also note you advise that you now have judgement against her.

FYI we have now commenced an investigation and have notified the authorities and I have also copied in our accountant and our solicitor in Perth. We are looking to prepare a writ, and accordingly pursue this women for damages over her fraudulent behaviour and false representations to her creditors and ourselves.


This story is especially disgusting when you consider that Kyle’s wife is currently battling with Cervical cancer 4b.

Please email info@acalawsuit.com to request a Press-kit with supporting documents.