Manufactured Fake News

In June of 2014 A Current Affair published a story that contained manufactured “FAKE NEWS”. These are serious accusations that are supported with legitimate documents.

Example 1: Fraudulent "Fake News" manufactured by A Current Affair

A Current Affair phoned the Landlord of an operating business and with fake information convinced the Landlord to seize the tenants property in order to manufacture a "Fake News" story about the tenant.

Documented proof to support the claim:

In an affidavit to the Supreme Court of Queensland dated 20 October 2015, Gary Field (Landlord to the building) swore under oath:

Affidavit exert “3. (j) I received a letter from Prestige Legal on 14 May 2014 which the plaintiff and Hodgetts terminated the lease.”

Affidavit exert “3 (k) after receipt of the letter I arranged for the locks to be changed.”

See attached KH-01 the affidavit of Gary Field.

See attached KH-02 the letter sent to Gary Field on the 14th stating that Hodgetts has terminated the lease because "Gary Field had ALREADY locked up the building.

Gary Field states clearly that he locked up the building on the 14th of May 2014, but See attached KH-03 a receipt from the locksmith showing that the locks were changed on the 8th May 2014.

Black and white proof, Gary Field robbed the company then lied in a sworn affidavit to cover up his crime.

In a recorded phone conversation between Gary Field and Solicitors for Hodgetts, Gary Field states that the building was seized because "Hodgetts was being investigated by A Current Affair" and he was advised that "Hodgetts was going to be arrested in a few days’ time". See attachment KH-04.